5 Health Benefits Of White Lotus Absolute Oil

 white lotus oil benefits
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 uses of white lotus oil

White Lotus Absolute Oil Health Benefits

White lotus absolute oil is an excellent addition to the range of powerful anointing oils and fine natural perfumes. It is closely related to pink lotus absolute oil, but it is significantly bolder and less sweet. Even after being diluted, the absolute oil of white lotus still retains its bold fragrance.

Lotus, the flower of choice for the Buddha, soars up to the skies, unchallenged by its muddy origins, to release some of the most beautiful scents known to man. The white lotus, which is scientifically classified as N.speciosum or Nelumbo nucifera, is considered sacred by many cultures, from Egyptians to Chinese, Tibetans, and Indians, and can be found growing in many warm parts of Asia and Australia. The plant has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.

 white lotus absolute oil for skin

1It Aids Digestion

White lotus absolute oil helps stimulate bowel movements as well as improves the bulking of stool for easier excretion. White lotus absolute oil can help improve nutrient absorption as well as alleviate symptoms of constipation. All this is possible by increasing the production of gastric and digestive juices that promote peristaltic movements in the gut and intestines to facilitate regular and healthy bowel movements.

The oil improves appetite and helps tone up the stomach as well. It also helps with the secretion of gastric juices in people who have diabetes and are not insulin-dependent. This oil surely improves the entire digestive process.

 white lotus absolute oil for skin

2Excellent Massage And Bath Oil

White lotus absolute oil can also be used as a bath or massage oil to provide much-needed pleasure and relaxation. The oil has a pleasant scent that relaxes the nerves, muscles, and brain. The white lotus absolute oil also soothes anxiety, thus putting the mind at ease.

White lotus absolute oil provides a lot of relaxation and peace of mind. The nervous system greatly benefits from this. The calming and soothing properties have a deep and immediate effect. People become open to forgiveness, spiritual aspirations, and kindness.

 white lotus oil for stress

3Rich In Vitamin C

Vitamin C is definitely the most significant nutrient in white lotus absolute oil. Vitamin C forms a major part of collagen, which maintains the health of the skin, organs, and blood vessels, and is also a major booster of the immune system. On top of this, vitamin C neutralizes the free radicals in the body, which are harmful by-products of cell growth and metabolism and are closely linked to illnesses, such as heart disease and cancer.

Collagen forms a major part of the protein content in your body, particularly type 1 collagen. Collagen can be found in the tendons, digestive systems, blood vessels, skin, bones, and muscles. It is the component that gives your skin elasticity and strength, along with helping replace dead skin cells.

white lotus oil for digestion

4Improves Circulation Of Blood

White lotus absolute oil has also been observed to drastically improve blood circulation, which results in increased oxygenation of the organs, improved body functionality, and higher energy levels. The copper and iron contents in this oil are the keys in aiding the production of red blood cells, which means that the oil can be used to increase blood flow and vitality as well as treat blood conditions, such as anemia.

What is the circulatory system? The circulatory system is supported by the human heart. The other major components of this system include the blood, veins, venules, capillaries, arterioles, and arteries. The lungs also complement the circulatory system by feeding oxygen into the blood.

 white lotus oil benefits

5Reduction Of Stress

Vitamin B complex has a key element known as pyridoxine. This element works with neural transmitters to influence mental state and mood. It also controls stress levels, headaches, and irritability. Lotus flowers have, for many years, been associated with tranquility and peace. However, it is the pink lotus that provides the calm and peace that many people desire.

Stress traces back its origins to the early evolution of man. Stress assisted creatures, such as a human, in evading danger. Walter Cannon discovered this in the early 1920s; he named this concept the "fight or flight" response, which occurs when a creature is under attack and produces instant energy to either combat the enemy or flee from the attack.

 white lotus oil benefits

The Ayurvedic practice among the Hindus has used the lotus for its amazing scent and its ability to improve devotion, clarity, and stillness of the mind. The lotus is also a major symbol of human enlightenment. It is very much known as a cure for the soul. This is a magical and mystical plant that makes some of the best perfumes and anointing oils in the world.

It has a coumarin-like, sweet, and ripe fruit undertone and an earthy, floral, and honeyed scent. It also has a deep, rich, tenacious, smooth, and bold green top note. White lotus is an amazing addition to anointing oils and fine perfumes.

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